Focused on the design and development of metal accessories, Clic provides the customer with multiple services - pre and post sales - guaranteeing professionalism during all working process. Structured to follow work rhythms required by the market, Clic combines precision, punctuality and reliability for all its business units with attention to detail and technical expertise.

  • Technical and custom design (48 hours)
  • Prototyping
  • Mini series and Pre production (15 days)
  • ProductionClic
  • Technical support
  • Integrated logistics worldwide
  • MyClic Reserved Area

Deposition of pigments on metals and leather

Clic, thanks to the new department entirely dedicated to digital printing and laser cutting, is able to prints on rigid and semi-rigid materials including metals, leathers, shoe's soles and plexiglas. Using the latest generation machinery, it is possible to work with any surface, creating materic effects with three-dimensional touch, thus giving the customer a unique customization of their hardware. This new high-precision printing technology guarantees high quality results and environmental sustainability.